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Seeing Campus in a Whole New Way
  • A Thousand Words

In this winning photo from our #ViewFromTheCroft competition, Charlie Grant '23 captures the beauty of the campus green reflected in a puddle on the sidewalk. He took the photo while in Erin Stelling's Photography I course in the fall of 2021.

Honoring a Football Legacy
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Athletic Director and head football coach Ned Gonet, at right, greets the scores of football alumni who have gathered to mark his last regular-season home game on Friday, Oct. 21, as he prepares to retire from coaching after 42 seasons at Ravenscroft.

Feeling Like a Big Kid
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Crystal Garris’ PreK class enjoys exploring campus — including a stop at the new Olander Center for Student Life at the A.E. Finley Activity Center.

Igniting a Passion for Chemistry
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Upper School Honors Chemistry teacher Angela Miklavcic looks on as Alex Percy ’24 safely demonstrates a combustion reaction using methane gas bubbled through soapy water.

Three Cheers For Ravens Spirit
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Lower School students wave pom-poms provided by the Parents’ Association during the Parade of Athletes, the finale of fall Spirit Week and the kickoff for Homecoming Weekend.

A Day Just for Us
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Jennifer Chandran ’21, Sophia Toback ’21, Lauren Wilson ’21, Summer Hargrave ’21 and Emma Kate Clarke ’21 watch their classmates’ surprisingly competitive kickball game during their Senior Celebration Day, held on campus Thursday, April 22.