Senior Bricks Honor the Past, Speak to the Future

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Senior Bricks Honor the Past, Speak to the Future
Sarah Macey

Three families share the stories behind their students’ senior brick dedication in 2021.

Our graduating Ravens always leave their mark on our school, whether it’s through outstanding leadership, academic achievement, sports titles and records or artistic excellence. Many senior families opt to leave a different kind of mark on campus — a visible and lasting one — by dedicating an inscribed patio or sidewalk brick to their graduate. Proceeds from the program support the Fund For Ravenscroft, making a difference for Every Raven, Every Day! Here, three families share the stories behind their senior brick dedications in 2021.

“We have always enjoyed walking through campus and seeing the bricks dedicated to graduates from their families. Frequently, I would wonder what those students’ experiences were like and how things had changed through the years. I am happy to know that, as years pass, future families might have a little glimpse into what our experience was like in the years when our two kids graduated, simply from reading our dedication.”

 — Elaine Hankins

Photo courtesy of Simon Capell 

“It felt a bit surreal seeing Julianna in the same-style green graduation gown I’d worn 28 years earlier. In fact, as she passed me after receiving her diploma, she said, ‘Mom, I got one to match yours!’ Julianna and I have always been very close, but Ravenscroft provided us yet another bond and set of shared experiences, for which we are both extremely grateful. It has been an irreplaceable generational gift.”

— Penny Abrahams ’93

“We loved our time at Ravenscroft, and as we reflect on Stephanie graduating as a lifer we are reminded how fast time flies. Ravenscroft prepared my children for what lies ahead, and we are grateful for the academic and life skills they developed during their time here.”

— Irene Wadley