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2023-23 Winter-Season Athletes Recognized

Winter-season athletes, coaches and families celebrated the successful seasons and recognized outstanding team members for their contributions.

Non-varsity athletes holding their trophies

Front row: Bessie Hassell ’27, Kip Hinson ’28, Alex Fine-Carroll ’28; back row: Thomas Russell ’27, David Davis ’28, Hannah Gilbert ’27, Jacob Gilbert ’25

Non-Varsity Sports Awards

On Thursday, Feb. 16, Middle School and junior varsity teams held the Non-Varsity Sports Awards. Coaches recognized one player from each team with the Sportmanship Award. Congratulations to these Ravens:

Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: Jacob Gilbert ’25

Middle School Gold Boys Basketball: Kip Hinson ’28

Middle School Green Boys Basketball: Thomas Russell ’27

Middle School Gold Girls Basketball: Hannah Gilbert ’27

Middle School Boys Swimming: David Davis ’28

Middle School Girls Swimming: Bessie Hassell ’27

Middle School Wrestling: Alex Fine-Carroll ’28 


Varsity Sports Awards

Varsity athletes were recognized on Tuesday, Feb. 28. The group included two 2023 conference-championship teams: wrestling (with three-time state champion Henry Kopf ’23) and boys basketball as well as indoor track, a new winter-season sport.Coaches recognized the many accomplishments of their teams and individual members. 

A grid of photos showing students holding trophies

Top row: Dakota Gordon ’23, Dakota Gordon ’23, Dakota Gordon ’23; middle row: Zoe Adams ’24, Tayla Nargassans ’23; Autumn Campbell ’24; Julia Burnette ’26, Leyana Glaspie ’27, Sasha Olander ’25

Boys Basketball

Most Valuable: Dakota Gordon ’23

Most Improved: Dakota Gordon ’23

Coaches Award: Dakota Gordon ’23

1st Team All-Conference: Dakota Gordon ’23, Alex Olander ’24, Harrison Poole ’23

2nd Team All-Conference: Jackson Rein ’24

All State: Dakota Gordon ’23

Girls Basketball

Most Valuable: Zoe Adams ’24

Most Improved: Autumn Campbell ’24

Coaches Award: Tayla Nargassans ’23

1st Team All-Conference: Zoe Adams ’24, Taylor Moore ’27

All-State: Zoe Adams ’24


Most Outstanding: Julia Burnette ’26

Most Improved: Leyana Glaspie ’27

Coaches Award: Sasha Olander ’25

A grid of photos showing students holding trophies

Top row: Drew Davis ’25, Evan Hatefi ’26, Shakira Qian ’24; middle row: Lotta Schacht ’25, Max Moser ’23; bottom row: Donovan Williams ’24



Most Valuable: Drew Davis ’25

Most Improved: Evan Hatefi ’26

Coaches Award: Jack Pruden ’23

All-Conference: Jackson Bubar ’25, Alexii Cady ’24, Drew Davis ’25, Frank Hassell ’25, Kaleb James ’25


Most Valuable: Shakira Qian ’24

Most Improved: Lotta Schacht ’25

Coaches Award: Hannah Silverman ’23

All-Conference: Shakira Qian ’24



Most Valuable: Max Moser ’23

Most Improved: Sundesh Donthi ’25

Coaches Award: Donovan Williams ’24

All-Conference: Kyle Coats ’24, Sundesh Donthi ’25, Robby Grant ’26, Michael Griffin ’23, Ethan Maclaren ’25, Dylan Morrows ’26, Max Moser ’23, Yogin Patel ’23, Will Robbins ’25, Bryce Tascher ’23, Jackson Walser ’24

All-State: Henry Baker ’26, Max Moser ’23, Yogin Patel ’23, Max Moser ’23, Bryce Tascher ’23

A grid of photos showing students holding trophies

Top row: Logan Smith ’26, Katie Mcclurkan ’25, Mia Strazzella ’23; bottom row: Henry Kopf ’23, Mikey Leaf ’25, Alejandro Alston ’23


Most Valuable: Logan Smith ’26

Most Improved: Katie Mcclurkan ’25

Coaches Award: Mia Strazzella ’23

All-Conference: Laurel Carter ’23, Maddie Fanning ’26, Katie Mcclurkan ’25, Kiya Quao ’24, Olivia Rivera ’25, Logan Smith ’26, Mia Strazzella ’23

All-State: Haley Browne ’25, Sammey Malik ’26, Logan Smith ’26, Mia Strazzella ’23, Charlotte Stringer ’26


Most Valuable: Henry Kopf ’23

Most Improved: Mikey Leaf ’25

Coaches Award: Alejandro Alston ’23

All-Conference: Alejandro Alston ’23, Beckett Brown ’26, Mickey Leaf ’25, Cavan Sheehan ’27

All-State: Henry Kopf ’23