Athletic Training Facility Near Completion

A new training room addition to the Scott Pavilion is expected to open this month.

“I have been dreaming about it! It’s really a great addition to our sports medicine program here at Ravenscroft,” said Coach Michelle Piette, associate athletic director and sports medicine instructor.

The funding for the training room was a generous gift by current parent Michael Fagan. The training room is designed to comfortably fit seven athletes at a time.

Prior to the construction of this new training room, injured athletes had to walk or be driven back to the indoor training room in the A. E. Finley Center. The new training room is conveniently located between the outdoor fields and courts. Athletes will be able to use the facility to prepare for practices and games, and to receive attention during and after sporting events.

Coach Piette also pointed out that it’s much easier for the trainers to see the field as they watch sporting events. 

“The new training room helps more athletes, and it allows us trainers to have a quicker response to sport injuries,” added Tim Savage, P.E. instructor.

Baraka Mutisya '12 wrote this article for The Nevarmore. This is an edited version. Photos by Baraka Mutisya '12.