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Athletics Department Honors 2022 Spring-Season Athletes

As the school year winds down, Ravenscroft Athletics gathered spring-season teams together to recognize the hard work, teamwork and successes of their student-athletes. 


Varsity athletes were celebrated on May 23. Coaches recognized outstanding players from each team with one of three awards: Most Valuable, Most Improved and Coaches Award. Any conference- or state-level honors were also announced. Congratulations to these student-athletes who were recognized for their contributions to their respective teams this year:


Most Valuable: Luke Yoon ’23

Most Improved: Kyle Hawkins ’23

Coaches Award: Anthony Melvin ’22

All-Conference 1st Team: Luke Yoon ’23

All-Conference 2nd Team: Kyle Hawkins ’23


Boys Golf 

Most Valuable: Cole Wright ’22

Most Improved: Tosh Holdstock ’22

Coaches Award: Morgan Riley ’25

All-Conference 1st Team: Cole Wright ’22, Morgan Riley ’25

All-Conference 2nd Team: Nate Skubic ’23

All-State: Morgan Riley, Cole Wright ’22


Boys Lacrosse

Most Valuable: Ryan Pretzer ’22

Most Improved: Connor Aschman ’23

Coaches Award: Christopher Glenn ’22

All-Conference: Ryan Pretzer ’22, Deacon Adams ’23, Connor Aschman ’23, Cadon Storch ’23


Girls Lacrosse

Most Valuable: Olivia Saxman ’22

Most Improved: JJ Mitchell ’24

Coaches Award: Lexie Dozier ’25

All-Conference: Bea Holdstock ’22, Olivia Saxman ’22, Isabella Speranza ’22, Shea Baker ’25


Girls Soccer 

Most Valuable: Alex Darcy ’22

Most Improved: Autumn Campbell ’24

Coaches Award: Ellie Roberts ’22

All-Conference 1st Team: Alex Darcy ’22, Olivia Hitt ’23, Logan Smith ’26, Mia Strazzella ’23

All-Conference 2nd Team: Ellie Roberts ’22, Lexi Davis ’25

All-Conference Player Of The Year: Alex Darcy ’22

NCSCA All-Region: Alex Darcy ’22, Olivia Hitt ’23, Logan Smith ’26, Mia Strazzella ’23

NCSCA Coach Of The Year: Robert Smith

NCSCA Assistant Coach Of The Year: Stephanie Quintanilla

All State: Alexandra Darcy ’22, Olivia Hitt ’23, Logan Smith ’26



Most Valuable: Jessica Keim ’22

Most Improved: Samantha Shirley ’26

Coaches: Cole Mackinnon ’26

All-Conference: Jessica Keim ’22, Nicole Keim ’22, Cole MacKinnon ’25

All State: Nicole Keim ’22


Boys Tennis

Most Valuable: Andy Vitello ’25

Most Improved: Hodge Burkhardt ’23

Coaches Award: Noah Suh ’24

All-Conference 1st Team: Andy Vitello ’25

All-Conference 2nd Team: Jacob Suh ’23


Track and Field 


Most Valuable: Max Moser ’23

Most Improved: William Stevenson ’23

Coaches Award: Shane Olander ’22

All Conference: Max Moser ’23, William Stevenson ’23


Most Valuable: Zoe King ’22

Most Improved: Tayla Nargassans ’23

Coaches Award: Lauren Hayes ’23

All Conference: Zoe King ’22, Lauren Hayes ’23


Students hold their certificates and trophies


Student-athletes who played on spring-season Middle School and junior varsity teams were celebrated on May 10. At the non-varsity level, coaches award the Sportsmanship Award to one player per team. Congratulations to these athletes:

  • Junior Varsity Baseball: Mikie Creedon ’25

  • Middle School Girls Lacrosse: Alexa Wadley ’26

  • Middle School Boys Lacrosse: Cavan Sheehan ’27

  • Junior Varsity Girls Soccer: Payton Earwood ’25

  • Junior Varsity Boys Tennis: Adam Calingaert ’27

  • Junior Varsity Track and Field (Girls): Sammey Malik ’26

  • Junior Varsity Track and Field (Boys): Jaden Colson ’26