Engineering Students Win March KidWind Challenge

Another team of Middle School Engineering I students has won the KidWind Challenge, an online competition where students design and test wind turbines. Ravenscroft's Team DJ, made up of Delaney Washington '22 and Julia Clancy '22 (pictured at right), won the March 2018 competition, earning a small cash prize and recognition on KidWind's website.

This is the third Ravenscroft team to win the monthly contest in the 2017-18 school year. Earlier in the year, teams Squiggi Reckies and Insert Name Here were recognized for winning submissions.

Students are required to submit their designs and processes along with their results from testing the turbine designs.

"Delaney and Julia made an innovative choice for their blade material, using a pink plastic divider material for their winning blade design," said Middle School engineering teacher Michelle Nunalee. "They also wrote a thorough research statement that demonstrated their knowledge of the design and testing process."

To learn more, visit the Team DJ's project on the KidWind website at Congratulations, Ravens!