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Fall Athletes Recognized; Stevenson Named Player of the Year
William Stevenson is pictured in his uniform with "Player of the Year" under his photo

The Athletics Department has announced awards and recognitions for fall-season athletes. Among the Ravens’ numerous nods from regional and state conferences, varsity football standout William Stevenson ’23 was named Big East Conference Player of the Year.

“I am extremely proud of William as he earned this recognition by his performance each week,” varsity football coach Ned Gonet said. “He led our team, for the second year, as a captain and with his consistent play on both sides of the ball. He was an active defensive player who made plays all over the field, and he was a very solid and powerful running back and receiver, generating yardage on every carry or reception. He was instrumental in the success of our team this fall and helped us capture the conference championship with his consistent play.”

When asked what this recognition means to him, William said, “It means ‘legacy.’ Coach Gonet has a legacy that is known for producing excellence. I was a part of his, and I have begun to add to my own.” 

In addition to varsity football’s Big East conference championship, the varsity field hockey team secured the TISAC conference championship this season. Way to go, Ravens!

Students are shown holding their awards

Non-Varsity Sports Award winners: Jaden Colson ’26, Alexa Wadley ’26, Kinsley Earwood ’28, Quinn Parker ’28, Jaden Sullivan ’28 and Lauren Perry ’28

Non-Varsity Sports Awards

The Non-Varsity Sports Awards took place Thursday, Oct. 20, to honor Middle School and JV players. Each coach recognized one player from their team with the Sportsmanship Award. Congratulations to these outstanding Ravens:

Middle School

Soccer: Jaden Sullivan ’28

Volleyball: Lauren Perry ’28

Junior Varsity

Cheerleading: Kinsley Earwood ’28

Boys Cross Country: Quinn Parker ’28

Girls Cross Country: Eve Munford ’28

Field Hockey: Annabelle Pritchard ’26

Football: Jaden Colson ’26

Soccer: Cole Rogers ’25

Tennis: Hannah Bever ’27

Volleyball: Alexa Wadley ’26


Varsity Sports Awards

Grid of photos showing award winners for Cheer, Cross County Boys and Cross Country Girls

The Varsity Sports Awards were celebrated on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Coaches recognized outstanding contributors with three awards: Most Outstanding/Valuable, Most Improved and the Coaches Award. Any conference- or state-level honors were also announced. Congratulations to the student-athletes who were recognized for their outstanding character, commitment and performance this year:


Most Outstanding: Addisyn Rhodes ’25

Most Improved: Julia Burnette ’26

Coaches: Bijou Chapman ’26

Cross Country


Most Valuable: Henry Baker ’26

Most Improved: Jackson Wickline ’24

Coaches: Yogin Patel ’23


Most Valuable: Charlotte Stringer ’26

Most Improved: Randi Ogan ’25

Coaches: Talya Nargassans ’23

TISAC All-Conference: Charlotte Stringer ’26

Grid of photos showing award winners for field hockey, football and girls golf

Field Hockey

Most Valuable: Jasmine Tran ’23

Most Improved: Shea Baker ’25

Coaches: Jade Moorcroft ’23

TISAC All-Conference: Shayna Lindauer ’25, Jasmine Tran ’23, Mia Strazzella ’23

TISAC All-Conference Honorable Mention: Shea Baker ’25

All-State: Jasmine Tran ’23


Most Valuable: William Stevenson ’23

Most Improved: Kyle Hawkins ’23

Coaches: Owen Fincher ’23

Big East All-Conference 1st Team: Payne Kukulinski ’23, Deacon Adams ’23, Kyle Hawkins ’23, Owen Fincher ’23, William Stevenson ’23, Joey Brooks ’24 

Big East All-Conference 2nd Team: AJ Peterson ’24, Donnie Williams ’24, Alex Olander ’24, Corry Felton ’24, Josh Lindauer ’23


Most Valuable: Arden McDonald ’25

Most Improved: Darian Schoonmaker ’25

Coaches: Isabella Robinson ’25

Grid of photos showing award winners for boys soccer, girls tennis and volleyball


Most Valuable: Lucas Jeff ’24

Most Improved: Adam Becske ’26

Coaches: Charlie Grant ’23

TISAC All-Conference 1st Team: Lucas Jeff ’24, Liam Henley ’24

TISAC All-Conference 2nd Team: Charlie Grant ’23, Nick Gillespie ’24, Jonathan Jemmott ’24

NCSCA All-Region: Lucas Jeff ’24, Liam Henley ’24, Charlie Grant ’24, Nick Gillespie ’24


Most Valuable: Jae Ramsey ’23

Most Improved: Grace McDaniel ’24

Coaches: Elena Mathan ’24

TISAC All-Conference 2nd Team: Jae Ramsey ’23,  Zoe Fitzpatrick ’25


Most Valuable: Campbell Jennings ’23

Most Improved: Ellie League ’24

Coaches: Riley Walser ’23

TISAC All-Conference: Campbell Jennings ’23