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Fall Sports Awards Celebrate Student-Athletes


As the fall sports season wrapped up, Ravenscroft Athletics recognized student-athletes on varsity, junior varsity and Middle School teams.

Varsity Sports Awards

Each varsity team also recognized specific athletes through three awards: Most Outstanding, Most Improved and Coaches Award. In addition, athletes who were named All-Conference or All-State were celebrated.

Congratulations to these varsity athletes for their performance, sportsmanship and team spirit in the 2023 fall season:

(Top row) Julia Burnette ’26, Mila Heater ’27, Addisyn Rhodes ’25; (middle row) Henry Baker ’26, Alex Percy ’24, Haley Browne ’25; (bottom row) Charlotte Stringer ’26. Not pictured: Tom Maekawa ’27, Eva Moser ’24


Most Outstanding: Julia Burnette ’26

Most Improved: Mila Heater ’27

Coaches: Addisyn Rhodes ’25

Cross Country


Most Valuable: Henry Baker ’26

Most Improved: Tom Maekawa ’27

Coaches: Alex Percy ’24

TISAC All-Conference: Henry Baker ’26


Most Valuable: Haley Browne ’25

Most Improved: Eva Moser ’24

Coaches: Charlotte Stringer ’26

TISAC All-Conference: Haley Browne ’25, Sophia Hopper ’24, Charlotte Stringer ’26, Margaret Zaytoun ’26

(Top row) Hope Hauck ’24, Kiara Irvine ’25, Sanya Firozvi ’24; (middle row) Pierce Davidian ’24, Bryan Copeland ’25, Joey Brooks ’24; (bottom row) Peyton Gallagher ’25, Isabella Robinson ’25, Darian Schoonmaker ’25

Field Hockey

Most Valuable: Hope Hauck ’24

Most Improved: Kiara Irvine ’25

Coaches: Sanya Firozvi ’24

TISAC All-Conference: Shea Baker ’25, Anna Stone ’26, Brooke Swift ’24

TISAC All-Conference Honorable Mention: Hope Hauck ’24


Most Valuable: Pierce Davidian ’24

Most Improved: Bryan Copeland ’25

Coaches: Joey Brooks ’24

1st Team Big East All-Conference: Donnie Williams ’24, Pierce Davidian ’24, Joey Brooks ’24, Brandon Williams ’25, Brian Copeland ’25 

2nd Team Big East All-Conference: AJ Peterson ’24, Corry Felton ’24, Aiden Whitehead ’24, Brock Hoggard ’25


Most Valuable: Peyton Gallagher ’25

Most Improved: Isabella Robinson ’25 

Coaches: Darian Schoonmaker ’25

(Top row) JJ Jemmott ’24, Ryan Alridge ’24, Alex Montero ’24; (middle row) Chloe Wolborsky ’28, Deanna Bennett ’25, Elena Mathan ’24; (bottom row) Claire Kukulinski ’25, Sammey Malik ’26, Chloe Fox ’24


Most Valuable: JJ Jemmott ’24

Most Improved: Ryan Alridge ’24

Coaches: Alex Montero ’24

1st Team TISAC All-Conference: Liam Henley ’24, Lucas Jeff ’24

2nd Team TISAC All-Conference: Mason Jelovsek ’26, JJ Jemmott ’24, Alp Kurtbolat ’24, Joshua Quezada ’24

NCISAA All-State: Liam Henley ’24


Most Valuable: Chloe Wolborsky ’28

Most Improved: Deanna Bennett ’25

Coaches: Elena Mathan ’24

 1st Team TISAC All-Conference: Lillian Diamond ’27, Chloe Wolborsky ’28

 2nd Team TISAC All-Conference: Elena Mathan ’24


Most Valuable: Claire Kukulinski ’25

Most Improved: Sammey Malik ’26

Coaches: Chloe Fox ’24

1st Team TISAC All-Conference: Audrey Kalorin ’26, Claire Kukulinski ’25

2nd Team TISAC All-Conference: Erika Larson ’24, Ella Martin ’27

TISAC Player of the Year: Claire Kukulinski ’25

NCISAA All-State: Claire Kukulinski ’25, Audrey Kalorin ’26


Non-Varsity Sports Award Winners: (front row) Lilly Ramsey ’28, Andrew Nunalee ’29, Katya Wilfret ’28, Yara Othman ’27, Bogi Megyeri ’28; (back row) Cole Venters ’27, Cole Welborn ’26, Skyler Mitchell ’28, Reiley Rigsbee ’28

Non-Varsity Sports Awards

Congratulations to these students on junior varsity and Middle School teams who were recognized with Sportsmanship Awards:

  • Junior Varsity Boys Cross Country: Andrew Nunalee ’29
  • Junior Varsity Girls Cross Country: Katya Wilfret ’28
  • Junior Varsity Field Hockey: Yara Othman ’27
  • Junior Varsity Football: Cole Venters ’27
  • Junior Varsity Soccer: Cole Welborn ’26
  • Middle School Soccer: Skyler Mitchell ’28
  • Junior Varsity Tennis: Lilly Ramsey ’28
  • Junior Varsity Volleyball: Reiley Rigsbee ’28
  • Middle School Volleyball: Bogi Megyeri ’28