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Fifth-Graders Are Celebrated With Joy and Laughter

Joined by their teachers, family, friends and the entire Lower School, the Class of 2029 gathered to celebrate their time in the Lower School and look forward to the transition to sixth grade.

The Lower School Closing Ceremony took place in the Warner Arena in the A.E Finley Activity Center on Thursday, June 2, with music provided by the Lower School Strings ensemble and a song performed by the Lower School Raving Ravens.

Mr. Mercado reading "Reluctance" by Robert Frost

Steven Mercado, Assistant Head of Lower School, began the ceremony with a reading of the poem “Reluctance” by Robert Frost:

Ah, when to the heart of man
Was it ever less than a treason
To go with the drift of things,
To yield with a grace to reason,
And bow and accept the end
Of a love or a season?

He concluded by talking about the importance of “going with the drift of things” and for students to use the experiences that they’ve had over the past few years to help guide them in their journey to Middle School.

In her remarks, Head of Lower School Nicole Girvan quoted Peggy Carter, a character in Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” saying ,“The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes the best that we can do is to start over.” She went on to say:

I am not sure how many Marvel fans are out there, but something about that quote reminded me of what we have experienced in the last few years. Perseverance is deeply ingrained in our culture and community, and the fifth grade certainly exemplified this characteristic daily! 

These fifth-graders have exhibited joy and humor. Recently, they were walking into the last Lower School Tree Talk, and there was laughter, dancing and high-fiving with PreK students. In addition, the fifth grade has shown empathy for others. While they have made mistakes, they have also learned to lean on others and ask for help. Each student in this class has unique gifts and talents that will help enhance the culture and community in the Middle School. 

There were lots of smiles and waves as Girvan presented students with their certificates. Head of School Doreen Kelly and Head of Middle School Bernardo Guzmán extended their congratulations and a warm welcome to the now-rising sixth-graders. Following the ceremony, the Class of 2029 and their guests then enjoyed a reception in the Olander Center for Student Life at the A.E. Finley Activity Center. 

Congratulations to our fifth-graders!

Download and share photos from the Fifth Grade Closing Ceremony here