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“Framing Our Future” Outlines Ravenscroft’s Strategic Vision
A female student builds a tower with blocks as a teacher looks on


Ravenscroft has unveiled its strategic plan, Framing Our Future, the result of an intensive yearlong effort by school leadership, in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and stakeholders across the school community, to identify and explore key priorities that will shape the next five years of growth and direction. 

The plan is a reflection of Ravenscroft’s leadership’s commitment to strategies and policies that are forward-looking and support the school’s viability and growth. Throughout 2021, members of the strategic planning committees — including the Academic Committee, the Board of Trustees and the Leadership Team, in consultation with parents and guardians, alumni and alumni families — conducted research in collaboration with EAB, an educational consulting firm, and sought feedback from the school community to help shape and inform Ravenscroft’s strategic direction. 

The overarching purpose of the plan is to guide the school in meeting the contemporary needs of Ravenscroft students over the next five years. 

“Framing Our Future underscores our community’s commitment to providing educational excellence, cultivating citizen leaders and emphasizing health and wellness,” Head of School Doreen Kelly and board chair Amy Batten wrote in sharing the plan with the school community earlier today. “Providing a blueprint for success that is both purposeful and adaptable, Framing Our Future builds on the agility and aspiration that have ensured Ravenscroft’s success over the past five decades on this campus.”

Work on the strategic plan has also positioned the school for success in another important aspect of its ongoing commitment to excellence in PreK-12 education: Ravenscroft’s upcoming re-accreditation with the Southern Association of Independent Schools. A significant priority in this process is to demonstrate the ways Ravenscroft is mission-driven.

“Framing Our Future is not only evidence of the commitment to our mission — it also serves as a key component of our self-study and readiness for re-accreditation,” Kelly and Batten explained. “In October, Ravenscroft will host a team of academic and education experts serving as the SAIS Accreditation Team. The team will provide a thorough assessment of our institution and a quality review of our programming during their visit to our campus.”

Learn more about Framing Our Future here.