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Henry Zhang ’25 Wins Top Prize in Latin Translation Exam


Henry Zhang ’25 displays his certificate and prize money for the CAMWS Translation Exam.

During the 2023-24 school year, Latin students and others with a strong interest in Classics participated in four national exams, with many winning awards at the highest level. Several students earned remarkable distinctions, which are honored with special recognitions.

Read about Ravens’ results on the National Latin Exam in this story.  

Three other exams — the CAMWS Translation Exam, the National Classical Etymology Exam and the Medusa Mythology Exam — have announced their honorees as follows.

Of particular note, Raven Henry Zhang ’25 placed among the top 10 performers on the national Latin translation exam — a tremendous achievement that is recognized with a cash prize — and was awarded a gold medal for his National Classical Etymology Exam scores at the Advanced Level and a silver medallion on the Medusa Mythology Exam. Congratulations, Henry!

CAMWS Translation Exam

The Classical Association of the Middle West and South offers cash prizes, book awards, and awards of commendation to qualifying winners in its Latin Translation Exams for high school or homeschooled students of Latin. 

The Advanced High School Exam is open to students in Latin IV and beyond and is designed for students who have not only learned most basic Latin grammar but who have also had considerable experience translating authentic passages. 

Henry Zhang ’25 said of earning one of the top 10 scores on the exam, “I feel honored to have achieved such a high recognition. I wish to thank all the Latin teachers that I’ve had over the years: Ms. Girouard, Mr. Martin and, most importantly, Dr. Avery. I was inspired by their fun classes and their passion for Latin. I hope that my experience will encourage more of my peers to study Latin, and it has certainly motivated me to keep improving and loving Latin.”

Students who earned distinction on the National Classical Etymology Exam (left to right): Addison Diener ’26, Adelaide Malynn ’25, Henry Zhang ’25, Shirley Yang ’25 and Sachin Lakshman ’25

National Classical Etymology Exam

The National Classical Etymology Exam is designed to test a student’s ability to handle both Latin and Greek derivatives and their usage in the English language. This exam is generally meant for students in grades six through 12, but students of any grade level are allowed to participate.

Awards are divided into two divisions of three levels each. Students are divided into two divisions: those who have taken Latin or Greek in school and those who have not. Each of these divisions are then separated into Novice (all grades through eighth), Intermediate (ninth and 10th) and Advanced (11th and 12th). 

These Ravens earned distinctions on their exams:

Intermediate Level

Bronze Medal: Addison Diener ’26

Advanced Level

Bronze Medal: Adelaide Malynn ’25

Silver Medal: Sachin Lakshman ’25 and Shirley Yang ’25

Gold Medal: Henry Zhang ’25

Medusa Mythology Exam honorees Karolyna Huntanar ’27​​​​​​,​ Ethan McMinn ’24, Tom Maekawa ’27, Henry Zhang ’25 and Shirley Yang ’25

Medusa Mythology Exam

The Medusa Mythology Exam is open to students in ninth through 12th grades and is given annually to over 3,000 students in approximately 100 schools nationally and internationally. Founded in 1998, the Medusa Mythology Exam allows students the opportunity to demonstrate their enthusiasm and excellence in the field of Greco-Roman mythology and to be recognized accordingly for them; encourages those students pursuing the study of mythology; and enables them to better understand the contemporary world through a richer knowledge of the ancient world.

Congratulations to these Ravens for earning recognition as noted:

Silver Medallion, Maxima Certificate: Henry Zhang ’25

Magna Certificate and Ribbon: Tom Maekawa ’27

Cum Laude Certificate: Karolyna Huntanar ’27, Ethan McMinn ’24 and Shirley Yang ’25

Congratulations to all Ravens who participated for their hard work and dedication!