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Lead From Here Workshop Kicks Off Parent Education Series


A grid of photos showing attendees at the workshop

At top, longtime Lead From Here facilitator Chris Harper (at left) speaks to the more than 50 parents and guardians in attendance; at bottom, groups of participants work on the session’s experiential activity.


The 2023-24 Parent Education Series kicked off on Tuesday, Sept. 19, with a Lead From Here workshop facilitated by Ravenscroft faculty and staff and Marin Burton of the Center for Creative Leadership, the framework’s co-creator.

This program explored the learning curve experience, helping families understand the process and potential challenges tackled by their students as they try new things in the classroom and beyond. More than 50 parents and guardians from all three divisions — both new and veteran Ravenscroft families — attended. Following the presentation, they broke into small groups for an experiential activity that highlighted the role one’s perspective can play in a learning process.

“It was truly enlightening,” Carlton Pulley, father of a second-grader, said. “Through this program, I learned about the invaluable emphasis on fostering an understanding of differing viewpoints and the challenges that young leaders face daily. The curriculum not only imparts academic knowledge but also instills the importance of empathy, critical thinking and global awareness.”

Participants said they found value in how applicable the information was to their own experiences as well. 

“As we explored the anatomy of a learning experience, I couldn’t help but connect it to my own journey,” Lynn Vitello, whose son is a junior, said. “This dynamic applies not just to leadership but to various aspects of my life, from mastering new tools to venturing into different industries and even trying my hand at pickleball. Sticking to the familiar might be comfortable, but the real magic happens when we embrace change and learning.”

Another goal of the series is to support families in making meaningful connections with other parents and guardians through a shared experience. For kindergarten parent Lauren Carlton, this program provided a valuable touchpoint in that way.

“The workshop allowed me to connect with fellow parents and highlighted Ravenscroft’s strong emphasis on leadership within our community,” she said. “It emphasized the significance of leaning into our village of fellow parents. This sense of community goes beyond simply educating and assisting the child. It provides support for parents throughout their journey as well.

“I continue to be impressed by how our community provides a comprehensive framework, valuable resources and educational opportunities to faculty and staff as well as parents,” she added.

Additional programs planned for the fall include “Creating a Culture of Belonging in the Classroom,” led by Lisa Horton, Assistant Head of School for People and Culture, on Thursday, Oct. 5, 8-9:30 a.m. in the Keim Center; and “How to Talk to Your Student About Mental Health,” co-facilitated by the Ravenscroft Counseling Team and Soundtrack Prevention Network, Thursday, Nov. 9, at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. One of the series’ two keynote speakers, Lynn Lyons, will come to campus on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 15, to deliver a talk on “Modeling Matters: What Parents Need to Know (and Do) to Decrease Stress, Worry and Anxiety.” More information about each event will be shared with families as the dates get closer.

Below, enjoy a short video of attendees including Pulley, standing at left, and Vitello, seated at center, working together to place blocks of different shapes and colors in the correct configuration, with each participant having access to only a partial view of the final design.