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Leadership Donor Event Celebrates Culture of Philanthropy


A grid of photos showing guests at the event

On Thursday, Sept. 28, Ravenscroft hosted a Leadership Donor Event at The Fairview in Raleigh, celebrating 2022-23’s most dedicated and generous donors and the many ways philanthropy funds the vision they all share for the school.

Guests had the opportunity to catch up with one another and chat with members of the school’s Board of Trustees and Head of School Doreen Kelly’s Leadership Team. Ben Rein, Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement, kicked off the event by welcoming everyone and introducing board chair Laura Helton Kalorin ’92 — herself a leadership donor — who thanked everyone for their support of the school and emphasized the importance of philanthropy to Ravenscroft’s continued success.

Kalorin then shared a video of Kelly in which she reflected on why Ravenscroft is such a treasured place for so many families. 

“Ravenscroft is an amazing and special place, for so many reasons,” Kelly said. “This evening exemplifies a key aspect of our mission: that we are a community and not just a school. We’re a community rooted in preparing students for the future. What a beautiful mission! It is so vital and important to each of us, not just to our individual families but to the broader community.”

Attendees echoed Kelly’s sentiments when they spoke of what the evening meant to them.

“Caryn and I had a great time at the Ravenscroft Leadership Donor event at The Fairview Thursday night,” John McNeill — parent of Johnny ’16, Alex ’20 and Jane ’24 — said. “It was fun visiting so many old friends and meeting new ones who are passionate about Ravenscroft’s future. It’s encouraging to see the support and enthusiasm across generations.”

A grid of photo showing guests at the event

Chantelle Fofaria, parent of fourth-grader Chloe Fofaria and co-chair of the Fund For Ravenscroft Committee, agreed. “It was wonderful to gather again as a community in the spirit of giving,” she said. “Connecting with other passionate donors, all with the shared goal of supporting Ravenscroft and making lasting impacts for the future generations, was the highlight of my evening.”

For Kalorin, spending the evening with Ravenscroft’s most loyal donors was inspiring. 

“I was so moved to look out at the crowd and see dear friends and colleagues with a shared passion for our school. Collectively, we support many vital areas, like indoor and outdoor learning spaces, student access, distinctive programs and, most importantly, our dedicated faculty and staff,” she said. “When we come together, we can lift up our school for the students of today and tomorrow.”

Rein introduced and thanked members of the Institutional Advancement team before wrapping up the evening. As the team prepares to launch the fall giving season of the Fund For Ravenscroft, he asked for everyone’s support as a way to recognize and celebrate Kelly’s 21st and final year as Head of School.

In a sign of how much guests were enjoying the event, many continued to mingle even after Rein’s closing remarks. 

He said that was exactly as it should be in a community like Ravenscroft.

“It is always a privilege to gather to both celebrate and thank those members of the Ravenscroft family who have done so much — and continue to do so much — to support our community with their philanthropic vision and generosity. Their trust in the institution is deeply appreciated,” he said, concluding, “Quite simply, it was a wonderful event and a perfect night.”