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Lower School Spring Clubs Offer Fun With a Purpose
Student smile while doing crafts at a table

Lower Schoolers can now add one more reason to their list of why they love spring: getting to join clubs. In fact, the opportunity to get involved with in-person clubs at Ravenscroft brought out so many excited participants, organizers said, that they had to add two more groups to the slate.

Laura Coffey and Laura Crudup, who coordinated this year’s offerings, said the clubs debuted to an “overwhelming,” positive response from families. 

“The students have enjoyed collaborating with students in other classes and grade levels, and they are forming new friendships. They are eager to get to their club each week to see what fun activity their club facilitator has planned for that session,” Coffey said. “There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the excitement in their voices as they talk to one another and share what they did during their club!”

With lots of options to choose from in age-appropriate groupings of PreK through second grade and third grade through fifth, students have had a lot of fun.

“In Craft Club, students in grades PreK through second grade have come together to create spring crafts, such as rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day wands, decorative wind chimes, butterflies and buttons,” sponsor Megan Britton explained. “They also had a chance to express their creativity through open craft time.”

“Playing tabletop games allows students to engage in activities that promote critical thinking, strategy, teamwork and social skills,” Danny Carlson said of his club. “They learn to win with grace as well as gain valuable knowledge from not being the winner of the game. The emphasis is directed toward valuing the experience of playing the game regardless of the outcome. Students grow in ways that allow them to transfer their experiences to a variety of scenarios, both social and academic.”

Physical Education teacher Michelle Then offered a Field Hockey/Lacrosse Club for students in third through fifth grades. One day, the Middle School field hockey team, which she coaches, came to the club meeting and helped members with skill development. “They loved it!” she said of the older students.

Lower Schoolers who got involved in Student Council also took on a service project — collecting gently used books for children in the community who need them — as part of their spring club experience.

Third-grader Taylor Saunders said, “I’m doing Student Council because I love the way it makes me feel when someone in the community is in need and we can help. I also joined because I thought it would be fun staying after school and being with my teacher. Student Council is very fun!”

Her classmate Kingston Wall added, “I think clubs are important because it helps your parents get work done after school — and you can socialize with people and make new friends. You also learn new skills. I enjoy being a part of Student Council because I love making people feel happy who might be going through tough times.”

For the coordinators, such reflections are exactly why they worked to make clubs available this spring.

“There are so many wonderful benefits from participating in extracurricular activities at this age! This has been a wonderful opportunity for our Lower School Ravens to collaborate with one another and make new friends while participating in a variety of activities,” Crudup concluded. “These opportunities are crucial for their social and emotional development, especially after the pandemic. They are also continuing to develop their capacity to lead by learning how to communicate with one another, fostering a growth mindset when learning something new and demonstrating empathy toward themselves and others.”

Above, students in the Craft Club; below, students in (clockwise from top left) Student Council, Music and Movement, Tabletop Games and Book Club

(Clockwise from top left): Student Council, Music and Movement, Tabletop Games and Book Club