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Middle School Honors Outstanding Student Achievement, Character and Leadership

The Middle School Awards Ceremony, held Friday, May 22, via Zoom, celebrated all students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades and recognized a number of students who have demonstrated outstanding character, citizenship and scholarship. Tinnie Salzano, who with the retirement of Denise Colpitts will be serving as Head of Middle School, welcomed everyone to this celebration of students’ achievements. 

Congratulations to these students for their accomplishments! 

Several awards recognize students for demonstrating admirable character. They are:

  • Layne Stirman Award, given to two sixth-graders in recognition of their sportsmanship, perseverance and compassion: Audrey Kalorin ’26 and Ethan Dinitz ’26 
  • Edward C. Yohman Award, given to two seventh-graders in recognition of their humility, leadership and integrity: Isabella Robinson ’25 and Andy Vitello ’25
  • Ione D. Pegram Award, given to two eighth-graders in recognition of their grace, integrity and optimism: Anna Haywood ’24 and Andrew Abbott ’24
  • DAR Youth Citizenship Medal, given to one student in each grade in recognition of their honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism:
    • Sixth-Grade Youth Citizenship Medal Winner: Conner Andrews ’26
    • Seventh-Grade Youth Citizenship Medal Winner: Randi Ogan ’25
    • Eighth-Grade Youth Citizenship Medal Winner: Asher Sonntag ’24

Other awards recognize outstanding scholarship and dedication to a particular discipline. They include:

  • Hunter Family Scholarship, awarded to Sophia Hopper ’24 and Tul Cherukuri ’24
  • Scholar Awards
    • Sixth-Grade Scholar Award: Jack Conway ’26
    • Seventh-Grade Scholar Award: Henry Zhang ’25
    • Eighth-Grade Scholar Award: Sophia Hopper ’24

In addition, each department recognizes students’ outstanding work in their respective disciplines with the Eighth-Grade Academic Department Awards:

Language Arts

  • College Preparatory Language Arts: Maks Bitman ’24
  • Advanced Language Arts: Tul Cherukuri ’24


  • Pre-Algebra: Laurel Caplan ’24
  • Algebra: Ryan Alridge ’24
  • Geometry: Ben Pataki ’24

Science: Grace McDaniel ’24

History: Chloe Fox ’24

World Language

  • Latin: Ellie League ’24
  • Mandarin: Hope Hauck ’24
  • Spanish: Alexa Gillon ’24

Fine Arts

  • Art: Sofia Herbert ’24
  • Band: Alexa Gillon ’24
  • Choir: Grayson Marty ’24
  • Drama: Sofia Pedretti ’24
  • Stagecraft: Nicholas Suggs ’24
  • Strings: Kylie Scott ’24

Physical Education: Grey Davidian ’24 and Grace Petrov ’24

STEM+: Nathan Emonson ’24

You may view the full awards presentation here.