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Middle School Honors Outstanding Student Achievement, Character and Leadership

The Middle School Awards Ceremony held Tuesday, June 4, celebrated all students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades and recognized a number of students who have demonstrated outstanding character, citizenship and scholarship.

Denise Colpitts, head of Middle School, welcomed everyone to celebrate the students.

Faculty and staff and special guest Larry Hines, parent to three Ravenscroft alumni, presented awards to students across many categories. Student Council presidents Carter Anderson ’23 and Jackson Gring ’23 transitioned the co-presidency to Anna Haywood ’24 and Nicholas Suggs ’24 by passing the gavel.

Afterward, students, faculty, staff and guests enjoyed refreshments in the Auxiliary Gym.

Congratulations to these students for their accomplishments! Enjoy photos from the ceremony here.

Several awards recognize students for demonstrating admirable character. They are:

  • Layne Stirman Award, given to two sixth-graders in recognition of their sportsmanship, perseverance and compassion: Olivia Rivera ’25, Andy Vitello ’25
  • Edward C. Yohman Award, given to two seventh-graders in recognition of their humility, leadership and integrity: Alexa Gillon ’24, Liam Henley ’24
  • Ione D. Pegram Award, given to two eighth-graders in recognition of their grace, integrity and optimism : Alex Richmond ’23, Simon Toback ’23
  • DAR Youth Citizenship Medal, given to one student in each grade in recognition of their honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism: Matthew Bright ’25, Charles Hayworth ’24, Connor Kowalczyk ’23

Other awards recognize outstanding scholarship and dedication to a particular discipline:

  • Hunter Family Scholarship: Jenna Seidenfrau ’23, Lila Wilson ’23
  • Academic Scholars: Henry Zhang ’25, Tul Cherukuri ’24, Bennett Gillespie ’23
  • Advanced Language Arts Award: Sophie Thomas ’23
  • College Prep Language Arts Awards: Hannah Silverman ’23
  • Pre-Algebra Award: Jackson Fox ’23
  • Algebra Award: Lilja Gudmundsson ’23
  • Honors Geometry Award: Sophie Thomas ’23
  • Honors Algebra II Award: David Kim ’23
  • Science Award: Jasmine Tran ’23
  • History Award: Mike Hollingshead ’23
  • Latin Award: Sara Corrales ’23
  • Mandarin Award: William Richardson ’23
  • Spanish Award: Sara Baende ’23
  • Art Award: Jasmine Tran ’23
  • Band Award: Pierce Augusti ’23
  • Drama Award: Jake Wydick ’23
  • Choir Award: Carter Anderson ’23
  • Stagecraft Award: Mason Foster ’23
  • Strings Award: David Kim ’23
  • Physical Education Awards: Luke Yoon ’23, Ella Smith ’23
  • STEM+ Award: Jacob Margraf ’23