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Middle School Science Fair Showcases Initiative, Ingenuity


Clockwise from top left: This project by Ariana Kish ’28, Gabby DiNome ’28 and Sophia DiNome ’28 explores the amount of power an orange can generate; Nate James ’29’s replica Rubix Cube is displayed; Maximilian Solomon ’30, Grayer English ’30 and Wesley Hall ’30 present “Speed of Light in Salt Water” to judges and visitors.

Twenty-seven Middle School students participated in a science fair on Jan. 26 in the Keim Center for Innovation and Research, presenting their research and experiments on a total of 19 projects. 

The purpose of the event, participation in which was entirely optional, was to encourage young scientists’ interests and curiosity for science through following the scientific method. Participants spent three months researching and collecting data to formulate a hypothesis, background and conclusion for their topic of interest. 

The fair was envisioned and organized by three Upper School students — Hope Hauck ’24, Sanya Firozvi ’24 and Olivia Rivera '25 — and sponsored by Middle School science teachers Michelle Nunalee and Janet Hedges. 

“I had a good time presenting my project and viewing my peer’s projects,” said participant Azeem Khan ’30, whose project focused on how different liquids affect tooth staining.

Four Upper School students — Lucas Jeff ’24, Victor Kalorin ’24, Jonas Lisson ’25 and  Zoe Fitzpatrick ’25 — served as judges. Their criteria were creativity, understanding of the project topic and utilization of the scientific method. 

“I enjoyed getting to see what all these young minds were able to come up with for their projects, showing both their passions and intelligence,” Zoe said. 

“I am amazed by the creativity and ingenuity of our young scientists, which makes me optimistic for our future,” Lucas added.

Congratulations to the winning projects:

  • “Speed of Light in Saltwater” by Maximillian Solomon ’30, Grayer English ’30 and Wesley Hall ’30

  • “Twisting Topology” by Sophie Boram Allen ’29

  • “Oxygen Odyssey” by Emma Sun ’29 and Esha Dahiya ’29

  • The Model Award went to Nate James ’30, who built and designed a functioning Rubix Cube with magnets and 3D printed parts. 

Thank you to all of the students who chose to participate in the fair:

  • Clockwise from top left: Upper Schoolers Victor Kalorin ’24, Lucas Jeff ’24, Hope Hauck ’24, Zoe Fitzpatrick ’25, Sanya Firozvi ’24 and Jonas Lisson ’25 help ensure the event runs smoothly; presentations included Jack Gottsegen ’28’s project, “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Oxygen Odyssey” by Emma Sun ’29 and Esha Dahiya ’29 and “Twisting Topology” by Sophie Boram Allen ’29.

    Ariana Kish ’28

  • Gabby DiNome ’28

  • Sophia DiNome ’28

  • Audriana Gaught ’30

  • Lily Ferretti ’30

  • Azeem Khan ’30

  • Christopher Jackson ’29

  • Emma Sun ’29

  • Esha Dahiya ’29

  • Eva Barkalova ’28

  • Grayer English ’30

  • Maximilian Solomon ’30

  • Wesley Hall ’30

  • Hudson Perdue ’29

  • Izzy McKee ’29

  • Anika Le Cheminant ’29

  • Jack Gottsegen ’28

  • Jude Cafaro ’30

  • Lukas Hessler ’30

  • Michael Menser ’29

  • Mischa Kheterpal ’30

  • Madison Mikel ’30

  • Nate James ’30

  • Siena Duncan ’29

  • Irah Raju ’29

  • Sophia Dong ’30

  • Sophie Boram Allen ’29

  • Toby Brown ’29

“It was amazing to see the projects the Middle Schoolers had worked on to show their interests and intelligence,” judge Jonas Lisson ’25 concluded.

Science Fair organizers Sanya Firozvi ’24 and Hope Hauck ’24 contributed to this story. In addition, Sanya has written a Voices reflection on the vision for the fair and how hard work and commitment made it a reality. Be sure to check it out!