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More Ravens Honored for Performance on Classics Exams

As the 2021-22 school year wrapped up, World Language students enrolled in Latin and Greek were recognized for outstanding work on national exams they had taken during the school year. Congratulations!

Two students in a classroom pose with the purple ribbons they were awarded

Henry Zhang ’25 and Rowan Thomas ’23 with their NCCE ribbons

2021 National Classical Etymology Exam  

In November 2021, seven Upper School students enrolled in Latin courses ranging from Level II to Advanced Placement took the National Classical Etymology Exam. The exam comprises multiple-choice questions about the origins of English words derived from Greek and Latin. Two Ravenscroft students did particularly well on this exam: Henry Zhang ’25 won a gold medal at the intermediate level, and Rowan Thomas ’23 won a bronze medal at the advanced level.

“Being very much a student at heart, I love to push myself intellectually in any way that I can, and the National Classical Etymology Exam provided a great opportunity to do so in an area I have always felt less confident in,” Rowan said. “Connecting words — those both obscure and common — to their origins in Latin and Ancient Greek is incredibly fascinating to me, seeing the lingering impact that both Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire have on society today.”

“I want to thank my present and past Latin teachers,” Henry added. “Without their constant support and encouragement, I could not have achieved the score.”

More Awards for Latin and Greek Exams

These Ravens were recognized for outstanding accomplishments on two other national classics exams:

  • Rowan Thomas ’23 and Bennett Gillespie ’23 have been awarded special books for accumulating four or more gold medals on the National Latin Exam: Rowan has won four thus far, and Bennett has won five. (Read this earlier story on Ravenscroft’s overall results for the 2021 exam.)

  • Honors Greek I student Ethan Erickson ’22 won a purple ribbon for his perfect score on the National Greek Exam

Rowan Thomas ’23 and Bennett Gillespie ’23 with their National Latin Exam books; Ethan Erickson ’22 with a certificate recognizing his perfect score on the National Greek Exam