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Middle School Honors Outstanding Student Achievement, Character and Leadership

The Middle School Awards Ceremony, held Wednesday, June 1, in the Warner Arena of the A.E. Finley Activity Center, celebrated students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades and recognized a number of students who have demonstrated outstanding character, citizenship and scholarship. 

Head of Middle School Bernardo Guzmán welcomed everyone to the celebration and shared remarks with the classes of 2026, 2027 and 2028. “While success is often held up as evidence of growth, growth is achieved through, and accelerated by, failure,” he said. “To seek opportunities for growth is to take full advantage of our failures rather than let them define us or hold us back.”

Guzmán added that each award recipient would receive a copy of “Fantastic Failures: True Stories of People Who Changed the World by Falling Down First” and encouraged everyone to read it. He added to all students “Whether you walk across this stage today or not, go forward into your summer with the knowledge that we are proud of you. We are proud of you and we see you.”

Congratulations to these students for their outstanding accomplishments!

Awards recognizing students for demonstrating admirable character:

Pegram Award recipients Steven Yoon '26 and Hayden Perry '26

  • The Layne Stirman Award, given to two sixth-graders in recognition of their sportsmanship, perseverance and compassion: Quinn Parker ’28 and Kinsley Earwood ’28
  • The Edward C. Yohman Award, given to two seventh-graders in recognition of their humility, leadership and integrity: Bella Weeks ’27 and Max Rein ’27 
  • The Ione D. Pegram Award, given to two eighth-graders in recognition of their grace, integrity and optimism: Hayden Perry ’26 and Steven Yoon ’26
  • The DAR Youth Citizenship Medal, given to one student in each grade in recognition of their honor, service, courage, leadership and patriotism:
    • Sixth grade: Rishi Kamma ’28
    • Seventh grade: Sinclaire McGlown ’27 
    • Eighth grade: Cashier Brooks ’26

Macey Malik '26 and Sam Caplan '26, recipients of the Hunter Family Scholarship

Awards recognizing outstanding scholarship and dedication to a particular discipline:

  • Hunter Family Scholarship: Macey Malik ’26 and Sam Caplan ’26
  • Scholar Awards:
    • Sixth grade: Xavier Rivera ’28
    • Seventh grade: Karolyna Huntanar ’27 
    • Eighth grade: Cole Mackinnon ’26

In addition, each department recognized students’ outstanding work in their respective areas with the Eighth-Grade Academic Department Awards:

Language Arts

  • College Preparatory Language Arts: Nate Bloomer ’26
  • Advanced Language Arts: Ellene Warner ’26


  • Pre-Algebra: Catie Chua ’26
  • Algebra: Hallie Eichler ’26
  • Geometry: Addison Diener ’26

ScienceNicholas Herbert ’26

HistoryGia Giambruno ’26

World Language

  • Latin: Addison Diener ’26
  • Mandarin: Alexa Wadley ’26
  • Spanish: Hayden Perry ’26

Fine Arts

  •   Art: Samantha Brock ’26
  •   Band: Joshua Ward ’26
  •   Choir: Nikki Gupta ’26
  •   Theater: Kate Krouse ’26
  •   Strings: Cashier Brooks ’26

Physical EducationSammey Malik ’26 and Hayden Shoemaker ’26

STEM+Audrey Kalorin ’26

Concluding with a standing ovation for all Middle School students, Guzmán echoed his opening remarks, expressing how proud he is of every student for a fantastic year.

Enjoy more photos from the ceremony in our Flickr Photo Album.