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Ravens Participate in NCAIS Performing Arts Festival


Ravenscroft was well represented at the NCAIS Performing Arts Festival 2022, which brought together students from independent schools across the state for two separate performing arts opportunities: the Honors Bands, open to Middle School and Upper School students, and the Honors Chorus, open to Upper School students. 

Attendees enjoyed the opportunity to work with renowned conductors and master-class faculty. Co-chairs of the festival this year were Cardinal Gibbons High School’s band director, Mark Cashin, and former Ravenscroft choir director Cameron Bolin.

A grid of photos showing students participating in the Honors Bands

Clockwise from top left: Ravenscroft attendees gather before their performances; Emily Capell ’25; Hudson Harrell ’29 and Cameron Gordon ’28 (at front); Dorian Robbins ’29 (at center). Photos courtesy of Simon Capell Photography

Honors Bands

Twelve of our band students attended the Honor Bands Oct. 6-7. They enjoyed a two-day intensive at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington, followed by a performance of each division’s full band.

Co-Directors of Bands Kelly Nivison and Matthew Parunak submitted nominations, and all nominees were selected to attend: Middle School band students Matthew Milburn-Pyle ’27, George Haralmbakis ’27, Cameron Gordon ’28, Lukas Delphin ’28, Dorian Robbins ’29 and Hudson Harrell ’29; and Upper School band students Pierce Augusti ’23, James Milburn-Pyle ’23, Yatin Gadichala ’24, Emily Capell ’25, Soham Belur ’26 and Ellene Warner ’26. 

“Honors bands such as this are a wonderful opportunity for our band students to further challenge themselves, experience playing under new directors and make connections at schools across the state,” Nivison said. “All of our band students were placed high in their sections. We are very proud of the love of music our students have — and how wonderfully they represented Ravenscroft!”

Honors Chorus

The six Ravens in the Honors Chorus attended their event at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill on Oct. 20-21. Selected students were Madison Anysz ’23, Sheila Awasthi ’26, Shrutav Deshpande ’26, Hallie Eichler ’26, Olivia Rivera ’25 and Eun Yoo ’24.

The students were among a select group from 10 independent schools across North Carolina.

“The NCAIS choral festival was a wonderful experience and an opportunity for our students to sing with other talented and passionate singers from around the state. These singers spent two days working with Dr. Dan Huff, professor emeritus at UNC-Chapel Hill, on preparing music for a concert on Friday, Oct. 21,” choir director Robert Strebendt said. “The program was made up of a variety of music genres, spanning from Broadway to German Romantic-era repertoire. Additionally, the festival provided two workshops for students, one on music theater and one on music engineering and acoustics”

Congratulations to these talented Ravens!

A grid of photos showing students participating in the choral festival

Clockwise from top left: Students attend the choral festival at UNC-Chapel Hill; Madison Anysz ’23; Shrutav Deshpande ’26 (at right); Sheila Awasthi ’26 (at left). Photos courtesy of Simon Capell Photography