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Ravens Sport Costumes and Share Spirit in Lower School’s Fall Parade
A collage of photos showing Lower School students parading in their costumes

The entire school community gathered on the campus green today for the Lower School’s Fall Celebration Parade and Costume Day.

Reveling in the crisp morning air and the changing colors of autumn, many students wore costumes to school. For the Lower School, where showing off cute and creative costumes has long been a tradition, that usually means a parade along the campus green. New this year, however, was the added presence of students, faculty and staff from the Middle School and Upper School, who cheered them on and called out to siblings, neighbors and anyone whose costume appealed to them.

Superheroes, knights and princesses, characters from beloved books and movies, video game figures and creatures including an inflatable T. Rex and polar bear walked the sidewalk to great applause. Even food was represented, with a waffle and a marshmallow among the costumes today.

Always up for a creative challenge, Lower School faculty and staff joined in the fun as well. Members of the leadership team dressed up as tacky tourists, and the PreK team looked graceful as beautiful butterflies. The first-grade team were colorful M&Ms. A group of special-areas teachers lined up as riders on a roller coaster. 

Keeping with the fun spirit of the day, many Middle School and Upper School students wore costumes as well. Some of them collaborated with friends for a group theme.

“This year we were able to offer a Fall Celebration Parade safely, and it was awesome! The youngest Ravens were so proud to show off their carefully chosen costumes,” Head of Lower School Nicole Girvan said. “We greatly appreciated the cheers from the Middle and Upper School students and faculty. To be out with the entire Ravenscroft community was impactful as a reminder of how vital socialization and connection are, especially during a pandemic.”

Visit our Flickr page for a photo album showcasing the impressive range of costumes students, faculty and staff wore in celebration of the season.

A second collage of students and teachers wearing costumes