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SAAG Celebrates Diwali with Upper School Ravens
A collage of Diwali activities shared with the Upper School

At top, Sunishka Deshpande ’22, at microphone, and Deya Singh ’22 share information about Diwali during an Upper School morning meeting; below, a special lunch and an informational display with snacks help students learn about and celebrate the festival of lights.

As an integral part of Ravenscroft’s commitment to fostering a welcoming community where diversity, equity and inclusion are embraced in every facet of school life and all families are respected, feel safe and have a sense of belonging, Middle and Upper School affinity groups provide students who share aspects of their identity with positive identity exploration, dialogue, support, development and empowerment.

On Nov. 4, members of the Upper School’s South Asian Affinity Group shared the history and cultural traditions of Diwali — a celebration of light, goodness and the harvest season, observed over a five-day period — with their fellow Ravens in a variety of ways.

Sunishka Deshpande ’22, who is co-president of SAAG, shared the following reflection on her role in these events on campus:

I love celebrating this holiday with my family and friends, but I look forward to sharing this holiday every year at Ravenscroft! Celebrating South Asian holidays in the Upper School is a unique way to connect with students of the Upper School. South Asian-identifying students who celebrate Diwali can share similar festivities of the holiday. However, connecting with members of my community who don't celebrate Diwali is just as important and enriching for everyone. By sharing my culture, I help further cultivate an environment to learn about different kinds of celebrations. 

I'm so grateful I was able to be part of the Diwali celebrations this year. I enjoyed preparing and setting up a Diwali table filled with treats, giving a presentation to the Upper School during a morning meeting, and decorating the Math and English hallways. 

Being in a community where I feel comfortable sharing my culture helps me feel included in a social and educational environment. I can't wait to celebrate Holi with the Upper School in the spring!

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