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Three Ravens Earn Perfect Score on National Latin Exam

On March 12, a total of 121 Ravenscroft students took the National Latin Exam, joining tens of thousands of students around the world in measuring their proficiency. Their results were very good, with an impressive 48% of our students in Levels IA-V winning an award, including nine gold medals and 12 silver medals. Three students — Elijah Smith '25, Henry Zhang '25 and Bennett Gillespie '23 — earned a perfect score, for which they will receive special certificates.

In addition, three students won recognition for their performance on the National Mythology Exam. Congratulations to Matthew Bright '25 (Silver Medal), Ellie League '24 (Bronze Medal) and Audrey Kalorin '26 (Bronze Medal)!

Kudos to these Latin students for their outstanding performance: