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Upper School Recognizes Student Achievements at Honors Convocation

Clockwise: Henry Zhang '25, Sophia Hopper '24, Michael Rutigliano '22, Rowan Thomas '24

Upper School leadership, grade-level deans, advisors and department chairs recognized students for academic achievements and outstanding character in a ceremony on Thursday, May 25.

Read the event program here

Head of Upper School Aaron Sundstrom opened the presentation, saying:

Over the next hour or so, we will have the opportunity to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students. While the names we announce today represent the awards that we recognize at the end of the year, let’s not forget the accomplishments of students throughout the year in the classroom, on the stage or on the field.

Liv Barefoot ’22 was recognized with the school’s highest award, the Clarke Worthington III Outstanding Character Award. Given since 1991 in memory of the school’s first academic dean, this award is presented to the senior whose character, integrity and treatment of other people best provide leadership by example and whose integrity has a notable influence on fellow students. In presenting thte award, Liv’s advisor, Mark Laskowski, recalling a now-famous quote about Senator Elizabeth Warren, said: 

Nevertheless, she persisted. And indeed, this year’s recipient has persisted. … She had the courage to speak truth to power, holding us all accountable, and encouraging Ravenscroft to become a kinder, safer, more welcoming community. … She never stopped, she never wavered, she never gave up. Nevertheless, she persisted. She is truly changing our world, helping to build a more just, more diverse, more inclusive Ravenscroft. A place now that she now leaves better than it was when she got here.

Perhaps she put it best when reflecting upon her senior project working with the LGBTQ Center of Raleigh: “Even the seemingly small or mundane tasks will pay off and build results in creating an environment where people can come together and celebrate who they are while feeling safe and affirmed.” For sheer positive impact on our community, for modeling courage, dignity, kindness, grace and resilience, and for nevertheless persisting, we here in this institution will never forget this year’s recipient of the Clarke Worthington III Outstanding Character Award, Liv Barefoot.


Members of the faculty and Upper School leadership presented many other awards as well.

Mr. Aaron Sundstrom congratulates Eugene Lee '22

Latin teacher Jonathan Avery announced the students whose academic record has earned them a place in the Cum Laude Society. 

  • Davis Anderson ’22

  • Jeremy Badger ’22

  • Mia Bitman ’22

  • Amelia Krafft ’22

  • Eugene Lee ’22

  • Bryn Macnabb ’22

  • Brooke Mikles ’22

  • Cynthia Ni ’22

  • Dylan Norona ’22

  • Samantha Schantz ’22

  • Alexa Shaffer ’22


    Jenna Taylor ’22

  • Carter Anderson ’23

  • Pierce Augusti ’23

  • Bennett Gillespie ’23

  • Lilja Gudmundsson ’23

  • Jacky Hu ’23

  • Jacob Margraf ’23

  • Maddison Maurio ’23

  • Phoebe Moser ’23

  • Hannah Silverman ’23

  • Rowan Thomas ’23

  • Helena Yang ’23

Justin Brandon, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, then announced the students, one per grade level, who are recipients of the prestigious Scholar Awards. These awards honor one student at each grade level who is considered by the faculty to be the most scholarly student. In addition to grade-point average, the awards are for creativity, love of learning, ability to reason and being analytical and objective:

  • Henry Zhang ’25

  • Sophia Hopper ’24

  • Rowan Thomas ’23

  • Michael Rutigliano ’22

In addition, these students were recognized with the Outstanding Student Awards. These awards honor two students at each grade level who have maintained a high scholastic average and have been actively involved in school activities. These students will not receive an academic achievement award or a service award because the Outstanding Student Award encompasses superior achievement in every discipline:

Top left: Lindsey Carter '22, Outstanding Student Award; Bottom right: Delaney Washington '22, Outstanding Student Award

  • Madison Britt ’25

  • Jai Gupta ’25

  • Alexa Gillon ’24

  • Nyla Moore ’24

  • Bennett Gillespie ’23

  • Carter Anderson ’23

  • Lindsey Carter ’22

  • Delaney Washington ’22

The final awards in this group were the Academic Achievement Awards, presented by the grade-level deans. These awards honor students at each grade level who have demonstrated academic excellence in the various disciplines taught at Ravenscroft School. Please see the full list of awards here

Angela Miklavcic Brandon, Assistant Head of Upper School, then announced the following Honor Awards:

  • Valedictorian, Class of 2022: Michael Rutigliano ’22

  • Class Speaker, Class of 2022: Ethan Erickson ’22

  • Robert P. Holding Memorial Scholarship: Nyla Moore ’24, Jackson Rein ’24 

  • Rensselaer Medal: Rowan Thomas ’23

  • Ravenscroft School Cliosophic Society 2022 Book Award: Ethan Erickson ’22

Director of Fine Arts David McChesney and Athletic Director Ned Gonet then recognized members of the Class of 2022 for achievements in their respective departments:

  • Senior Visual Art Award: Brandon Sisson ’22

  • Senior Choral and Music Award: Heidi Segars ’22

  • Senior Drama Award: Davis Anderson ’22

  • Athletic Achievement Awards: George Baker ’22, Georgia Winston ’22

  • Rusty Lewis Sportsmanship Award: Lucy Schmalz ’22

  • Scholar-Athlete Award: Eric Belcea ’22, Ava Buttler ’22, Christopher Glenn ’22, Drake Hamlin ’22, Bea Holdstock ’22, Zoe King ’22, Rachel Mason ’22, Shane Olander ’22, Samuel Petrov ’22, Oscar Schacht ’22, Lucy Schmalz ’22, Isabella Speranza ’22, Georgia Winston ’22

  • Ravenscroft Triple Play: Grey Alspaugh ’22, Georgia Winston ’22

  • TISAC Sportsmanship Award: Grey Alspaugh ’22, Bea Holdstock ’22

A full list of Upper School honors may be found in the program here. See additional photos here

Congratulations to these students and to all Upper School Ravens whose hard work, tenacity and adaptability have made this school year successful.