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Upper School Visual Artists Recognized by 2022 Scholastic Art Awards

An artistic photograph featuring a girl with leaves in front of her face

Four Upper School visual art and photography students have been recognized at the regional level for their submissions to the 2022 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Jae Ramsey ’23 received a prestigious Silver Key for her photography, “Hiding From It All.”

The program, established in 1923, encourages and celebrates creativity and arts education in seventh through 12 grades in the United States, U.S. territories and Canada. Participants are eligible for public exhibitions and scholarships. Regional Gold and Silver Key recipients will have their work exhibited locally. Gold Key winners advance to competition for the national awards.

Congratulations to these students for their accomplishments:

Silver Key

Jae Ramsey ’23, Photography, “Hiding From It All” (at top right)

Honorable Mentions (shown below)

  • Josie Ludlam ’23, Painting, “Past-Me” (Abstract Self Portrait)

  • Jae Ramsey ’23, Photography, “Blinded No More”

  • Brandon Sisson ’22,  Mixed Media, “In the Wild”

  • Jae Ramsey ’23, Photography, “In Silence”

  • Laurel Caplan ’24, Photography, “New York City Diptych”

  • Laurel Caplan ’24, Photography, “Snake O’Clock”

  • Jae Ramsey ’23, Photography, “Fading Away”

Clockwise from top left: "Past-Me"; "Blinded No More"; "In the Wild"; "In Silence" 

Clockwise from top left: "New York City Diptych"; "Snake O'Clock"; "Fading Away"