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Winter Sports Awards Celebrate Teams, Athletes


Winter-season teams and athletes were celebrated at the Varsity Sports Awards and Non-Varsity Sports Awards earlier this month. Coaches had the opportunity to recognize outstanding members of their teams and continue to emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, dedication and team spirit.

Non-Varsity Sportsmanship Award Winners (front row) Haarati Saranga ’26, Carter Overcash ’28, Aakeen Dubal ’28; (back row) Bogi Megyeri ’28, Anika Gehring ’28, Tecumseh Ash ’29, Aris Hall ’28 and William Hunter ’28. Not pictured: Caleb Crenshaw ’26

Non-Varsity Awards

Junior varsity and Middle School athletes enjoyed the Non-Varsity Sports Awards on Feb. 15. The coaches announced their selections for each team’s Sportsmanship Award.

Congratulations to these athletes:

  • Junior Varsity Boys Basketball: Caleb Crenshaw ’26

  • Junior Varsity Girls Basketball: Haarati Saranga ’26

  • Middle School Green Boys Basketball: Aris Hall ’28

  • Middle School Green Girls Basketball: Anika Gehring ’28

  • Middle School Gold Boys Basketball: Aakeen Dubal ’28

  • Middle School Gold Girls Basketball: Bogi Megyeri ’28

  • Middle School Boys Swimming: William Hunter ’28

  • Middle School Girls Swimming: Carter Overcash ’28

  • Middle School Wrestling: Tecumseh Ash ’29


Varsity Awards and Recognitions

The Varsity Sports Awards took place on Feb. 27. Each varsity team recognized specific athletes through three awards: Most Outstanding, Most Improved and Coaches Award. In addition, athletes who were named All-Conference or All-State were celebrated.

Congratulations to these players and teams:

Basketball: Chance Gladden ’25, Jackson Rein ’24 and Matt Ulicny ’26

Boys Basketball

Most Valuable: Chance Gladden ’25

Most Improved: Matt Ulicny ’26

Coaches: Jackson Rein ’24

Conference Player of Year: Chance Gladden ’25

1st Team All-Conference: Chance Gladden ’25, Jackson Rein ’24

All-State: Chance Gladden ’25, Jackson Rein ’24


Girls Basketball: Zoe Adams ’24, JJ Mitchell ’24 and Ellie Cronin ’25

Girls Basketball 

Most Valuable: Ellie Cronin ’25

Most Improved: JJ Mitchell ’24

Coaches: Zoe Adams ’24

Conference Player of Year: Zoe Adams ’24

1st Team All-Conference: Zoe Adams ’24, Ellie Cronin ’25

2nd Team All-Conference Autumn Campbell ’24

All-State: Zoe Adams ’24


Cheerleading: Morgan Rigsbee ’25, Page Davies ’28 and Linh Tran ’26


Most Outstanding: Morgan Rigsbee ’25

Most Improved: Linh Tran ’26

Coaches Award: Page Davies ’28




Most Valuable: Kaleb James ’25

Most Improved: David Davis ’28

Boys Swimming: David Davis ’28 and Kaleb James ’25 (not pictured: Grey Davidian ’24). Girls Swimming: Mia Kaplan ’24, Shakira Qian ’24 and Bessie Hassell ’27

Coaches: Grey Davidian ’24

All-Conference: Mattaus Rammell ’26, Jackson Bubar ’25, Drew Davis ’25, Frank Hassell ’25, Kaleb James ’25, Alexii Cady ’24

All-State: Mattaus Rammel ’26


Most Valuable: Shakira Qian ’24

Most Improved: Bessie Hassell ’27

Coaches: Mia Kaplan ’24

All-Conference: Shakira Qian ’24


Boys Winter Track: Henry Baker ’26, Siddarth Kamma ’25 and Sundesh Donthi ’25. Girls Winter Track: Macey Malik ’26, Haley Browne ’25 and Gia Giambruno ’26

Winter TrackWin


Most Valuable: Siddarth Kamma ’25

Most Improved: Henry Baker ’26

Coaches: Sundesh Donthi ’25

All-Conference: Siddarth Kamma ’25, Brandon Williams ’25


Most Valuable: Haley Browne ’25

Most Improved: Macey Malik ’26

Coaches: Gia Giambruno ’26

All-Conference: Charlotte Stringer ’26, Haley Browne ’25, Macey Malik ’26, Zuri Settles ’29, Olivia Rivera ’25, Kathryn Gregory ’28, Katie McClurkan ’25, Azera LaGuerre ’27, Maddie Fanning ’26


Wrestling: Slade Goller ’24, Neil Nainani ’24 and Nicholas Herbert ’26


Most Valuable: Neil Nainani ’24

Most Improved: Nicholas Herbert ’26

Coaches: Slade Goller ’24

All-Conference: Sam Hollingshead ’24, Neil Nainani ’24, Mikey Leaf ’25, Ryan Tang ’26, Slade Goller ’24, Sam Feldman ’24, Daniel Kastick ’25