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Winter Sports Awards for 2021-22 Are Announced

Earlier this spring, the Athletics Department celebrated and honored winter-season athletes for their hard work and strong results. 


Varsity athletes were celebrated on March 9. Coaches recognize outstanding players from each team with one of three awards: Most Valuable, Most Improved and Coaches Award. Any conference- or state-level honors were also announced. Congratulations to these student-athletes who were recognized this year:

Top row: Dakota Gordon ’23, Tre Crenshaw  ’22, George Baker ’22, Comeh Emuobor ’23; bottom row: Lindsey Carter ’22, Autumn Campbell ’24, Georgia Winston ’22, Emily Capell ’25

Boys Basketball

Most Valuable: Dakota Gordon ’23

Most Improved: Tre Crenshaw ’22

Coaches: George Baker ’22

1st Team All-Conference: Comeh Emuobor ’23, Dakota Gordon ’23

2nd Team All-Conference: Alex Olander ’24, Harrison Poole ’23

TISAC Conference Player Of The Year: Comeh Emuobor ’23

All-State: Comeh Emuobor ’23

Girls Basketball 

Most Valuable: Lindsey Carter ’22

Most Improved: Autumn Campbell ’24

Coaches: Georgia Winston ’22

1st Team All-Conference: Lindsey Carter ’22

All-State: Lindsey Carter ’22


Coaches Award: Emily Capell ’25

Top row: Ryan Hardy ’22, Jack Pruden ’23, Oscar Schacht ’22; bottom row: Shakira Qian ’24, Sophie Yoon ’25, Lucy Schmalz ’22



Most Valuable: Ryan Hardy ’22

Most Improved: Jack Pruden ’23

Coaches: Oscar Schacht ’22

All-Conference: Alexii Cady ’24 – 100 Yard Butterfly; Ryan Hardy ’22 – 100 Yard Backstroke


Most Valuable: Shakira Qian ’24

Most Improved: Sophie Yoon ’25

Coaches: Lucy Schmalz ’22

All-Conference: Shakira Qian ’24 – 100 Yard Freestyle

Henry Kopf ’23, Andrew Abbott ’24, Tosh Holdstock ’22


Most Valuable: Henry Kopf ’23

Most Improved: Andrew Abbott ’24

Coaches: Tosh Holdstock ’22

All-Conference: Alejandro Alston ’23, Eric Belcea ’22, Maks Bitman ’24, Henry Kopf ’23, Mikey Leaf ’25, Neil Nainani ’24

All-State: Henry Kopf ’23



Student-athletes who played on winter-season Middle School and junior varsity teams were celebrated on Feb. 15. At the non-varsity level, coaches award the Sportsmanship Award to one player per team. Congratulations to these athletes:

Recipients of Non-Varsity Sports Awards

Front row: Hannah Bever ’27, Brinkley Argenta ’26, Sinclaire Mcglown ’27, Cavan Sheehan ’27; back row: Courtney Carter ’26, Matthew Hutter ’26, Caleb Finley ’25, Grayson Zola ’26, Cole Welborn ’26

Boys Basketball

Junior Varsity: Caleb Finley ’25

Middle School Green: Matthew Hutter ’26

Middle School Gold: Cavan Sheehan ’27

Girls Basketball

Middle School Green: Courtney Carter ’26

Middle School Gold: Hannah Bever ’27


Middle School: Sinclaire Mcglown ’27


Middle School Boys: Grayson Zola ’26 

Middle School Girls: Brinkley Argenta ’26


Middle School: Cole Welborn ’26