Raven Entrepreneurs Discuss Inspiration and Empowerment

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Raven Entrepreneurs Discuss Inspiration and Empowerment
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Three alumni — Marshall Sandman ’10, Elise Dorsett ’06 and Eric Scheier ’10 — share what motivates them to blaze new paths, what they’ve learned from their experiences and how their years at Ravenscroft helped prepare them for the challenges of their fields.

These Ravens are blazing new paths as entrepreneurs and innovators! We caught up with three alumni — Marshall Sandman ’10, Elise Dorsett ’06 and Eric Scheier ’10 — doing great things in organizations they founded to find out what drives their passion and determination, what they’ve learned from their experiences and how their years at Ravenscroft helped prepare them for their endeavors.

Share with us what your role in this entrepreneurial endeavor is and what you enjoy most about it.


Marshall Sandman ’10: My firm is named Animal Capital. We’re a small venture-capital firm based in New York City, investing primarily in consumer-facing technology start-up companies. My day-to-day work with Animal Capital includes a mix of everything I’ve always wanted to do — using my investment banking and financial background, engaging with a wide range of interesting and talented people, traveling and enjoying the satisfaction of building a sustainable new business. I am Animal Capital’s founder and managing partner. For the first two and a half years after starting Animal Capital, I had to do everything on my own — cultivate investors, raise money, identify and diligence investment opportunities, and deploy capital. It was challenging, to say the least. Fortunately, I now have an amazing team to assist with all aspects of the business. To date, we manage approximately $50M. One fun aspect is that our investment thesis has attracted a number of celebrity investors including Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Mark Wahlberg, James Corden, Noah Beck, Nicholas Braun and others.

Elise Dorsett ’06: For the past four years, I have been running my private coaching practice in Zurich, Switzerland. Through coaching, I have been helping people define their values and goals, improve communication in their relationships and advance their careers. Additionally, I co-founded Spirit Drivers, an international mastermind group dedicated to personal and professional development.

This month, I will begin a new role as a Team Coach and Manager with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Europe.

What I love most about coaching is the opportunity to build deep relationships with my clients. We delve into some of the most important questions of their lives, and it’s fulfilling to witness their personal growth and discovery of new possibilities. It’s an honor to accompany people on their journeys toward achieving their goals.

Eric Scheier ’10: I am the co-founder of Emergi, an organization working to provide every home in the world with solar power. We are currently working to develop our product for the U.S. market by serving a small group of families in North Carolina and are preparing to expand service to the rest of the country as we speak. My co-founder, Karyn Miller ’10, and I do everything from day-to-day operations, software development, marketing, fundraising; anything that needs to be done is on us.

Working on our mission to unlock the value of the energy transition for everyone is what gets me out of bed in the morning. The transition to sustainable energy is the greatest wealth-creation opportunity in human history, and how we navigate it will largely determine what kind of society we will have for generations to come. Being part of this moment in civilization is a tremendous honor.

Marshall Sandman ’10

Elise Dorsett ’06

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