Conceptual Portraits by Byron Jones ’77

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Conceptual Portraits by Byron Jones ’77
Byron Jones ’77

A former art teacher, Jones produces work from acrylics, pen and ink to watercolor, graphite and colored pencils.

“Portrait of Grace Potter,” Fine Point Markers (Pointillism) on 12" x 18" Strathmore Drawing Paper.

“Portrait of The Band,” Acrylic on 16" x 20" Canvas. In the collection of Elizabeth DellaRatta.

“Portrait of Keith Richards,” Fine Point Markers (Pointillism) on 12" x 18" Strathmore Drawing Paper. In the collection of Harold Noell ’77.

About Byron Jones ’77

Byron Jones ’77 is a retired educator and visual artist. He spent 32 years in North Carolina schools, 21 years as a K-12 art educator and 11 years as a principal or assistant principal in various counties across the state.

During his career in education, Byron was the recipient of several honors, including the 1993 NAEA National Art Honor Society Sponsor of the Year, the 1995 Wayne County Art Teacher of the Year, the 1997 North Carolina Secondary Art Teacher of the Year and the 2011 Iredell-Statesville Schools District Teacher of the Year.

Since his retirement in 2016, he has been focused on creating and marketing his art, which ranges from acrylics, pen and ink (specifically pointillism) to watercolor, graphite and colored pencils.

“I am still inspired by the education I received at Ravenscroft,” he said in an artist’s statement. “Whether it was in the classrooms of Joe Sam Routh, William Keens, Joe Rice, Joan Battle, Coach Scheffler or my favorite art teacher ever, Audrey Olson — better known as “Ms. O” — I was in a creative and safe place during my three years at the school.

“I am also still inspired by my high school classmates and the students I have taught throughout this life. They continue to amaze me with their journeys and experiences. My art reflects everything that I have experienced but, most of all, my love of graphics and pointillism.

“I am also inspired by first my wife, Kelly, for her unwavering selflessness, and by my granddaughter, Marleigh Claire, who has fully accepted and reciprocated the creative and funky lessons I have tried to impart to her. I am truly not worthy of all the blessings that I have received. Finally, I am still inspired by the memories of my mom, Frances Jones, and grandmother, Mary Whitaker Flowers — both gone but never forgotten. These two women allowed me the freedom to find my own way and the opportunity to attend Ravenscroft. Gifts I can never repay,” he concluded.

Byron creates images from a variety of subject matter and works on commission. Currently, his work is on display at Bottega of Hickory, North Carolina, as well as on his website.