“The Colored Pencil Chronicles” by Amaya Crichlow ’30

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“The Colored Pencil Chronicles” by Amaya Crichlow ’30
Amaya Crichlow ’30

Created as part of the Middle School’s Storytelling elective, the story uses a story-within-a-story framework, employs a variety of mediums and makes use of both intrigue and humor.

The Middle School’s Storytelling elective introduces students in sixth and seventh grades to various storytelling techniques that have been used for centuries, exploring folk tales, classic literature and modern stories. They then experiment with different techniques and genres while telling their own stories verbally, in writing and digitally.

“Building a supportive community is a top goal of the course, and we often play improvisational games to get more comfortable with being creative and telling stories with each other,” teacher Kim Martin explained.

She said of this project from early in the semester, “Amaya wrote this story while we were learning about different nonlinear narrative structures, such as the frame story — a story within a story. To learn about this plot technique, we read the first few chapters of ‘The Inquisitor’s Tale’ by Adam Gidwitz, which is modeled after ‘The Canterbury Tales,’ and watched the beginning of ‘The Princess Bride’ and ‘Forrest Gump’ to analyze how the frame story setup builds intrigue and humor. Students were then asked to design their own frame story. Amaya’s story, created in a comic-book style using Book Creator, illustrates her creativity and hard work.”

About Amaya Crichlow ’30

I decided to join Storytelling as an elective because I like to use my imagination to create interesting scenarios. I enjoy writing vivid skits with my friend, Rosie, and making projects that inspire. This project was part of a frame story unit and uses character flashbacks to make as many twists and turns as possible. My favorite part of this project was the characters. They were based on my friends and classmates, as a way for them to connect more with the story.