Painting and Photography by Sky Bell ’22

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Painting and Photography by Sky Bell ’22
Sky Bell ’22

The AP Art and AP Photography student uses color and composition to explore emotions and relationships between people.

“Girl + Boy,” Oil Pastel.
This piece I originally made for my mom’s birthday. I took an old picture of my brother and me and interpreted it into my own art style by accentuating the colors and brightening the overall piece. I like doing this with a lot of my art, and I wanted to use the color intensity to show the nostalgia aspect of this pastel.

“Green Man,” Acrylic.
This was one of five portraits I did toward the end of last year. I wanted to explore how limiting myself to one color when painting a portrait can create a personality for that piece and how interpretive it is. Acrylic paint dries quickly, meaning you have to layer the paint as it dries, making it so you can see each brush stroke. Overall, this is one of my favorite portraits I’ve done.

Untitled, Photograph.
This was one of the first pieces I did for my AP Photography portfolio. My theme is to photograph different aspects of being a teenage girl and the intimacy of that. For this picture, I wanted to portray the connections and relationships we make in high school and the highs and lows of girlhood.

“Distortion,” Oil Pastel.
This piece was the first piece in my AP Art portfolio. My theme is to use distortion to represent human intimacy and emotion. This particular piece depicts a complicated connection between two people.

About Sky Bell ’22

I’ve been taking art since seventh grade. I’ve always wanted to go into art, or something with art education, so I pushed myself this year to take two AP fine arts classes. I would like to go on to study art in college, whether that be at a traditional college or an art school. I want to continue to do art.

I love exuding color and composition in all of my pieces. My style really comes through when I do portraits. Emotion is something I’m always trying to depict, and I’m interested in depicting people because this is a hard concept to conquer in art.