Creating Our Own “Living Room Concerts”

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Creating Our Own “Living Room Concerts”
Cameron Bolin, Middle and Upper School Choir Director

Choir teacher Cameron Bolin's idea sparks Ravenscroft performing arts buzz on social media.


A boy plays violin on his screen porch

Moving to virtual choir teaching has pushed me to be even more creative as a music educator! I immediately started looking for ideas to incorporate into our Ravenscroft virtual choir classroom.  

One of the things I love about our Ravenscroft community is how engaged our students are. Many of them reached out to me looking for suggestions for new music to learn and an outlet for their new-found extra free time. I decided to make a list of fun music ideas for free time, starting with musicals to watch online that connect our current Broadway choir unit, then I added links to Broadway Theatres in NYC, the Met Opera and podcasts both for “brain breaks” or classical piano music to play while studying. 

Seeing Broadway World's release of “Living Room Concerts,” where Broadway performers recorded a song from their home, sparked my idea for the Ravenscroft Living Room Concerts! With our community so full of talent in the student body — as well as faculty, including our many private lessons and ensemble instructors — my hope is for this to be a project for us to all connect virtually through music in this time away from campus. I cannot wait to see all the talent showcased!

See more of Mrs. Bolin’s suggestions for her choir students, and visit our social media channels to enjoy videos of Ravencroft Living Room Concerts!