Fifth-Graders Lead in Safety Patrol, Library Ambassadors

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Fifth-Graders Lead in Safety Patrol, Library Ambassadors
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Four fifth-graders who have enjoyed stretching themselves in new leadership roles reflect on their experiences.


Ravens heading into the fifth grade have a lot to look forward to: moving into the self-contained fifth-grade center; learning from all four grade-level teachers, each of whom specializes in a different core subject; participating in grade-level service opportunities such as Rise Against Hunger; and being seen as leaders by scores of younger students who look forward to being “the big kids” themselves.

Leadership opportunities for fifth-graders include Safety Patrol, whose members assist teachers and the Lower School leadership team with daily carpool, and Library Ambassadors, who support book lovers in Winston Library by setting up for events, keeping shelves organized and checking in returned books.

Here, as we prepare to send the Class of 2031 to the Middle School, two fifth-graders from each of these groups reflect on their experiences and how they’ve given them the opportunity to Lead From Here.

Safety Patrol: Andrew Reik and Cannon Robbins

As a new student at Ravenscroft in the fall, I had the opportunity to join Safety Patrol, which was not available to me at my old school. In my experience, I learned about many Lead From Here principles, such as accountability. I was responsible for getting to school early, in time to do Safety Patrol. Another one was being empathetic, which I was able to practice helping kids get out of the car and often having to hold something while they got all of their belongings. 

My advice to any fourth-grader interested in doing Safety Patrol next year would be to get your friends to sign up for the same days and times!

 — Andrew Reik

Safety Patrol members Andrew Reik and Cannon Robbins

I joined Safety Patrol because I thought it would be fun and a great way to help people. I was empathetic towards the kids getting out of the car in the morning. Some of the younger kids needed help with their backpacks, and I would help them.

One thing that was harder than I thought it would be was having to leave the house earlier to arrive at school earlier. I had less time to lounge on Safety Patrol mornings, and my mom says everyone in the house felt the “Safety Patrol Morning Rush.” But I used accountability and resilience. I did not want to quit Safety Patrol just because it was hard to get out the door in the mornings, and I also wanted to keep showing up because I had agreed to participate in this job. 

I would tell other students interested in Safety Patrol to stay focused, be self-aware, smile and enjoy helping others. Be friendly to everyone you greet.

 — Cannon Robbins

Library Ambassadors: Leah Goodrich and Taylor Saunders

When I first learned about the Library Ambassador opportunity, I thought it would be a fun way to help the librarians and experience something outside of sports or Fine Arts. I also thought that this opportunity could help me with my communications skills and conquer my shyness. I was very excited when I learned I was chosen as one of the Library Ambassadors.

My time as a Library Ambassador has been a great experience. I got to work with the librarians to set up for events, organize shelves, check in books and keep the library tidy. I learned how the library was organized by sections, letters and numbers. When a student in the library needed help finding a book, I would search on the computer to find the book and then assist them in locating it. I even got the chance to work with the other Library Ambassadors to decorate for a St. Patrick’s Day event! We worked together to prepare the sitting area for the younger students, picked out books and made posters. This was one of my favorite events! 

While being a Library Ambassador, I got to use some of the Lead From Here competencies. When I became a Library Ambassador, I knew I had to go to the library at least one time a week, and I have held myself accountable to that commitment. I was able to work and collaborate with both the librarians and other Library Ambassadors on projects and tasks. This experience gave me confidence to be more communicative with other students and teachers.

My experience has been exciting and fun. I encourage everyone to consider being a Library Ambassador. I know your experience will be great!

 — Leah Goodrich

Library Ambassadors Leah Goodrich and Taylor Saunders

I wanted to join Library Ambassadors because I love being in the library and I like working hard to reach a goal like moving up a level. The best part about being a Library Ambassador is learning more about the library. Now I know where most of the library books go. It makes going to the library so much easier because I can go in and know exactly where I am going. I also like being able to help other students find books. It makes me feel amazing because I feel like I know everything. I used Leading With Others the most because I sometimes helped people but sometimes, I needed help. 

I used strategy and motivation as my Lead From Here competencies. Sometimes it would feel like I have too much work to come to the library.  I had to be very strategic with how I used my time. I had to be motivated to get my school work completed, so I could go to the library.

If I had a chance to talk with a younger student about being a Library Ambassador, I would tell them to show up, work hard and be open to learning, because it will pay off. I would also tell them to be motivated because if you put in the work, you will get something out of it. If I never showed up, I would probably not know so much about the library and myself.

— Taylor Saunders